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Is Brexit Eating the Hospitality Sector?


It’s summertime in the UK, usually a key money-spinning time for the hospitality sector, but despite the influx of big-spending tourists, all is not well beneath the surface. Post-Brexit turbulence is exerting financial pressures on hoteliers, publicans and restaurateurs. And there are regulatory changes to contend with too. These factors combined have all the makings of a ‘perfect storm’, experts believe. Here’s a breakdown of… Read more

The Standard Terms for Any Commercial Lease

When you’re about to sign a lease it’s highly recommended that you read through the commercial agreement thoroughly and carefully. If there is anything you’re even slightly unsure of, it’s always worth talking to a lawyer or an impartial person who is well-informed of such proceedings to clarify anything. Go on a walk-through of the property Before signing the lease, it’s highly advisable to go… Read more

Why London’s Top Chefs Are Moving out to the Neighbourhoods

London’s restaurant market has seen a steady rise in the number of fine eateries, giving discerning capital city diners a veritable smorgasbord of options to choose from when dining out. So, it may be surprising to hear that many top chefs are now moving away from the heart of London’s restaurant scene in W1. According to Harden’s London Restaurants, only one of the “most significant”… Read more

Brasserie Blanc Opens Its Very First Restaurant in a Hotel in Bournemouth

Brasserie Blanc

In today’s climate, opening a new restaurant can be a bit of a gamble. But with some background market research and innovative thinking you could be backing a winning venture. This is precisely what happened with Raymond Blanc’s French restaurant group Brasserie Blanc. This month sees the group open its first venue that’s within a four-star hotel in Bournemouth. The deal, facilitated by Restaurant Property… Read more

Why Soho Is Still a Viable Acquisition Spot in 2017


Soho has gone from being the seedy underbelly of central London to the trendy, restaurant-laden stomping ground of media sophisticates – and its star just keeps on rising. In fact, there seems to be an insatiable appetite for the vice-turned-nice aesthetic. La Bodega Negra continues to cash in on the subterranean sex-shop novelty while restaurants like Wright Brothers Soho and The Ivy Café still book… Read more

Immigration Cap Could Stall Growth for Restaurants

If the Conservatives win the election on 8th June and get the chance to implement their manifesto, the UK might see their plans to reduce immigration ‘to the tens of thousands’ come to fruition. According to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), this could have series implications for the restaurant industry. The trade body whose members include Wagamamma, Casual Dining Group and Wahacca has… Read more

How Brexit Has and Will Continue to Affect the Restaurant Business

Since the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union last year there has been talk within the restaurant and hospitality industry about what the impact of this will be for them. Concerns about foreign food and wine imports have been a cause of concern with 29% of British food (both household and restaurants) coming from the EU. Another related issue are reports… Read more

Chancellor’s U-turn on NIC for Self-Employed and the Impact on Hospitality Industry


Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced his plans to raise National Insurance contributions from self-employed workers. Mr Philip Hammond announced in his Spring Budget on 8th March that the rate paid by the self-employed would rise from 9% to 10% in April 2018 and then rise again to 11% in 2019. Around five million of the UK’s workforce is self-employed. Since then, Mr Hammond’s… Read more

Mayfair Property Continues to Attract Foreign Investment

Restaurant Property are specialists in selling Mayfair property to international clients from all corners of the globe. Restaurant Property have sold 80% of the property in Mayfair in the last five years, making them experts in trading with overseas property investors. In recent years, many prime locations in London have been snapped up by foreign investors. Since the EU referendum in April 2016 and the… Read more

How to Decide What Hours Your Café Should Open


The key to a successful café business is planning and research. Deciding what hours your café should open form an essential part of your overall business plan. Do you open your café early in the morning to target labourers and professionals? Perhaps you want to open late to attract post shoppers and students, or weekends for the yummy mummies and family groups. Before you go… Read more

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